Alex is a consummate professional and proactive recruiter. He clearly has a great understanding of the digital landscape and the breadth of roles out there in the space. He's not one to just fire your CV off until someone bites, instead, he took the time to fully understand the opportunity and culture I was looking for, giving lots of helpful advice along the way. Alex was always easy to get hold of, and kept his word on time lines and communication, something that is really appreciated. I would definitely recommend Alex and Bloc Digital to recruiting companies and candidates alike.

Senior Digital Acquisition Manager

Excellent service and commitment. Oscar was a big help and really took the time to understand what I’m looking for in my next role.

Creative role

Oscar was a great guy to take you through the process, always offering help and tips, and making sure that you were prepared in every way. Great service!

Creative role

The team at Bloc were incredibly helpful, not only in the initial interview stages but also post offer, ensuring the whole process was smooth from end-to-end and without hiccups.

Oscar was very encouraging both before and after my interview, every bit of correspondence was pleasant and informative and he was very quick to respond when I had any questions.

Creative Candidate

Natasha really took the time to find out about me as a person and not just another applicant and has kept me informed and up to date along with some excellent support.

Digital Marketing Candidate

I am really thankful for all your efforts specially Anna-Marie from from 4 months ago and Stephanie during past 2 weeks. They completely support on all interview steps. All the time she does her best to suggest me good opportunities with a perfect match. Very complete description, very accurate planning and also providing suitable docs an information to get ready for applications steps are the services that I really value them. Additionally, their treatment is absolutely full of kindness and respectful with a great English accent. I am totally satisfied for your services. Thanks again.

Tech Associate

I have to say “Love you Anna-Marie!” :) You are amazing at your career. I am really thankful for the information that you provide for each interview - it really is helpful.

Frontend Developer.

Thank you so much for the professional service and tips that you provided so far, you're one of the best recruiters I worked with.

Test Manager.

Richard contacted me for an open position in a company from financial industry. At all stages of recruitment process Richard was very professional, helpful and with excellent communication approach. Information he provided about the company and the position was relevant and precise. Even though I have decided not to proceed with accepting the position offered, I would highly recommend Richard in case you are looking for a great recruiter.

Product Manager.

I have to say that it was a pleasure working with Richard. He is extremely professional and was always ready to answer all my questions. If you are looking for a new challenging position or career change he is you man :-)

Project Manager.

Whilst I ended up receiving a job offer prior to proceeding with Dora, my positive written and verbal communication with Dora encouraged me to write her a recommendation. During my job hunt, I have been in contact with a few recruiters, many of whom did not reply, once I told them about my lack of work experience. Not so Dora. Dora made me feel like a person and not just a future payment. Her enthusiasm, kindness and friendliness speak for her personality and it certainly did not feel like a selling act. Even after I told her that I had accepted a job offer, her genuine joy and happiness for me were overwhelming. I can recommend anyone, both employers and job seekers, to work with Dora. They will experience nothing but professionalism, honesty and kindness.

Junior Consultant Web Optimisation.

I have been interview by Dora which is very friendly and helped me a lot during the process and relationship with the company I was applying for. During the entire process, she does not force me to take any decisions, which made me very happy. All conversations were very pleasant like a chat with a friend.

Lead iOS Engineer.

The service I experienced with Bloc has been excellent. I got in touch with James after seeing UX design jobs advertised on Linkedin, and within days I had an interview sorted! James gave great career advice and made sure I was well prepped for the interview. His service was highly personalised and professional. I would highly recommend Bloc to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the creative industries! Thank you

UX Design.

Stephanie Gibbens was my Recruiter. She handled my applications very delicately and skillfully. I never felt she was a middle person but rather I felt she worked for my side. She did an awesome job of communicating my expectations and interview dates with potential employers.

Java Professional.

Dora is a very talented professional I had the opportunity to work with. She was very well recommended to me by a friend and I can only say she is amazing. You can see that she's honest to you on the first talk. She is also very dedicated and really cares about her customers. Besides answering all of your questions, she is constantly publishing very interesting content that are really useful! I can guarantee that, with Dora, you are in good hands!

Front-End Developer.

Stephanie is an absolute joy to work with and an amazing person. She is extremely approachable, professional and knowledgeable. Stephanie is very well organized and did an amazing job supporting my job hunt and organizing interviews. Stephanie helped me secure a new great position, giving good advice, and clearing any doubts I had about the position and relocation. I would strongly recommend Stephanie as a recruitment consultant. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you!

QA Manager.

Alex helped me to find a role that ticked every box I was looking for and more! Alex's knowledge of both digital and the companies he recruits roles for is impressive, and was key to finding the best role for me. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Alex again, or recommend him to a friend looking for their perfect clientside role.

Digital Advertising Manager

Dawn has fantastic insight into the public sector recruitment world and has gone out of her way to help not only fine potential jobs for me but also support and give advice and encouragement on jobs even with other agencies. Every time I am looking for a new role I will give Dawn a call and I thoroughly recommend her for her positive and constructive attitude.

Full Stack Software Engineering Contractor.

Alex is the best recruitment consultant I have worked with. Incredibly prepared about a candidate's CV and experience. His ratio of success is incredibly high, around 2 interviews - One job offer. Alex helped me to get my current job and I could not be happier. Myself and a couple of colleagues are impressed with his work.

SEO Manager.

Alex is a professional. Dedicated, enthusiastic and he gets the job done well.

CRM Manager.

Alex managed to find a job for me that initially didn't seem to fit what I was looking for but is now turning out to be a great move. Without his help I would never have found it and if I had I probably wouldn't have applied so all-in-all a job well done. Many thanks!

Search Account Executive.

Since the first time Dora wrote me through Linkedin, I felt it was going to be something different, she cared about how I wanted to evolve as developer (something very different from what I had experienced with other recruiters) and offered me a great opportunity with a great company. She's not only very professional but dedicated, good listener and has always been willing to help with a smile. If you're interested in changing careers I would definitely recommend Dora to help you through this process, I'm 100% sure you won't regret it!

Frontend Engineer.

I have been collaborating with Stephanie from Bloc on a regular basis throughout last year. She supported us finding suitable candidates for various software development positions. Stephanie is professional, friendly, responsive and showed real interest in introducing matching candidates for our business needs and our business culture. I have no hesitations recommending her for future assignments.

Global Digital Marketing Provider - Client

Bloc is not just a team of recruiters, they are talented experts in matching candidates to the right positions. Despite the fact that they were overloaded, they made me always feel that they were working only for me. They were very responsive, great at following up with me and with the hiring company and kept me always updated. They provided me with all the necessary tips and tools to turn the interviews into positive experiences. For anyone looking for a new career opportunity, Bloc is paving the way to your target.

Project Manager.

We have been working with Bloc for almost four years now they have been and still are a great recruitment partner. They do a good job on both sides, with us as a company understanding our needs and with the candidates ensuring they have a positive experience all along the recruitment process. I do rely on their jobs and would recommend them as a recruitment partner.

Client - Travel Company

Anna-Marie managed my placement in my new role - this was the fastest, most efficient recruitment process I have ever experienced, 8 working days from first contact to an offer. This was due to Anna-Marie's innate ability to accurately match the client requirements and candidate skill set. She was amazing, professional, friendly, fast, and supportive. Thank you!

Senior CRM Manager.

Stephanie is the best recruiter I have worked with. She is professional, helpful and hard-working. Stephanie helped me secure an important technical position, constantly providing feedback about the process, always giving good advice, and clearing any doubts I had about the position.

Client - Software Architect

If anyone ever wants to change their job, Richard Pile would be the best bet. I just moved from my current job and found a new one in Munich, courtesy to Richard. During all the recruitment process which took around 4-5 months, I found Richard to be very professional and organised in all his activities. He kept me well informed and was always there to help me during the entire process. This was by far one of the best experience I had while changing jobs. Richard kept me aware of situations and was always very proactive to keep me well informed during the entire process, till the very last stage. He is real professional and if anybody wants to move on with their careers in IT, Richard Pile is the man for them.

Technical Manager.

Anna-Marie is really professional and very kind. Dealing with her was pleasure, everything was so swift and professional. :) Thank you for the great opportunity and I am hoping to work with you in future :)

Marketing Assistant

Richard has been of great help in extending my career as a Software Engineer from India to Germany. He has played a key role, entirely during my recruitment process by clearly stating my employer requirements and lot more. In a nutshell he is more like a well wisher / friend; than just a recruitment consultant. I highly recommend Richard if you are looking out for an apt job that matches your skillset. Great going Richard. Keep up the high spirits & reach great heights

Software Engineer.

Stephanie is a helpful, dedicated and caring recruiter. The job opportunities that she offered were a great match, both geographically- and responsibility-wise, and she was extremely helpful in taking care of all the boring parts of the job-searching process: forwarding the CV to the potential employers, scheduling interviews, collecting feedback, etc. On top of that she gave some great advices on the interview process and the situation on the job market in general. This all made the job-searching process a smooth and fun experience.

Senior Java Developer.

Richard is a great recruiter. He had been very professional and supportive during the interview process with timely feedback, valuable advice and attention to detail. The procedure was well organised and even after the offer Richard did contact me to ensure that everything went as planned. I would highly recommend Richard as an IT recruiter!

Software Engineer.

Alex has been a real extension of my team over the last three years, across two high growth start-ups, where finding the right staff, fast, has been essential. I've built incredible SEO teams, and the wider marketing teams I’ve been part of have been able to scale as a result of the great attention to detail, efficiency and deep knowledge of the market and the candidate pool, that Alex possess. Consistency he delivers. Without question. In my last team, we made upwards of 5 marketing hires through Alex. In my current company, over the last 8 weeks, Alex has placed another 4 very strong marketing candidates. He has a knack for boiling down the essentials of what I’m looking for and can recite (at length) where particularly strong candidates are working (who is working where, who is looking to leave, what’s happening in the wider industry) and this really sets him apart. He is miles away from all of the other recruitment consultants and agencies I’ve worked with over the last 8 years .In summary I can (and do) count on Alex to deliver the very best talent.

Client - Marketing Agency

Alex helped me a lot during my search for a new job. He understood what I was looking for and I really believe that he had my interest in mind. He helped me connect with great companies and great job opportunities in the UK. Thank you for everything.

Digital Marketing Campaign Manager.

Richard is a brilliant recruitment specialist! He has been there for me since the beginning of my quest, consulting and guiding me step by step towards a successful outcome, finding a job tailored to my liking and expectations. What is even more important for me personally, is that he continued assisting and supporting me even after my successful hiring, making sure that I have a smooth transition. So if you are after a new job, don't hesitate and contact Richard! He’s the best.

Java Developer.

Alex is a very committed and constructive recruiter. He helped me take a step forward in my career by actively listening to my expectations and matching my goals with his portfolio. As a result it was very easy for me to integrate in my new team. He was an excellent supporter and negotiator along the process and I would recommend his services to anybody looking for a job in the field (digital marketing).

PPC Specialist.

Alex was recommended to me by some of my ex-colleagues as one of those very few recruiters who actually listens to what the candidates are looking for and shows genuine interest towards you and what you are looking to get out of your next career step. He is very professional and understands both the clients’ needs and the candidates’ goals as well as the digital industry itself. It was a real pleasure working with him and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking for his/her next move in the digital field. He is not only a good communicator but also a genuinely good guy.

Senior SEO Manager.

Alex is by far the best recruiter I have worked with. He does not spam you with role after role, trying to clear his books, but sends across suitable and realistic options that match your experience. His attention to detail and commitment to job search is outstanding. He is one of the very few recruiters out there who actually listens to the candidate and responds to their needs accordingly. Communication is excellent and consistent. He is very personable and a pleasure to talk to. I will certainly be recommending him to others.

SEO Executive.

It is really a pleasure to work with Bloc. They’re always open for feedback and they do their best to consider our very specific requirements regarding open positions.

Client - International Provider of Electronic Payment Solutions

I have been working with Alex for many years now. Very proactive and efficient. He always finds us a great selection of candidates within days that matches our needs whatever the level of recruitment that I briefed him on. I highly recommend him either for your team recruitment or for yourself.

Client -

A story of success! I was very lucky to have Richard as my recruiting agent for the Business Analyst position I applied for. He always was one step ahead and also supported for the preparation of the interviewing process. Richard is indeed very professional and at the same time very friendly. The hiring process went very smoothly thanks to his valuable input. Having Richard as a recruiter is definitely the beginning of a successful career!

Business Analyst.

Alex helped me secure a role within a company I had been interested since the start of my career. I had a big decision to make, and he helped me come to the right one with genuine concern. I felt as if he was more concerned with my well being as opposed to me making a decision that would benefit himself (which is a rare find). He also found me this role within a few hours of me touching base with him - I will definitely be getting in touch at the end of my contract.

CRM Executive.

Alex was really helpful when I was looking for a contract. He kept me up to date with the latest developments, was understanding of what I was after and overall great to work with.

PPC Contractor / Freelance.

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