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Stephanie Gibbens

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Steph has been working in recruitment for over 7 years and prides herself in searching for the best technical talent, on a global basis, that want to join some of great organisations that she recruits for, which include leading FinTech, online retail and marketing companies across Europe. Steph enjoys making a difference in people’s lives, whether it’s helping people to secure a great job, move forward with their career or present exclusive candidates and provide market intel to her long standing clients. 

When she isn’t helping people find their next career move, Steph, is busy being a Mum to her two young kids and when she’s not running around after the kids, Steph is often using her spare time to go running or enjoy some well-deserved, retail therapy. 


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Stephanie Gibbens

Why didn't I get the job?

So you’ve finished the interview, in your opinion it went well and it’s a job you really want, onl…

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Steph blog image why didn't I get the job
Stephanie Gibbens

Why crying at movies makes me better at my job

Recently, I read an article that claimed people who cry during movies aren’t weak, they’re emotional…

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Stephanie Gibbens

Good things come in small packages

Berlin has been the heart of the European start-up scene for quite a while and this year I’ve had th…

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Stephanie Gibbens

Reasons why working abroad can be awesome!

Launching a career overseas can improve your quality of life, and also make you one of the company’s…

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Stephanie Gibbens

Personality: The key to success

You may be under the impression that when it comes to securing a new job, your technical abilities a…

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