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Rich has returned to Bloc after realising the grass is most definitely not greener. To be fair it was the enticement and the sheer pace of the digital world that he missed and he has rejoined the team with a heightened vigour for his market. Speaking of which, Rich will primarily be focusing within Mobile Development across some of the key start-up locations in Europe. He has a strong enthusiasm and knowledge for both the Android and IOS platforms.

When he’s not tinkering, Rich is an avid gym-goer self professing that his body really is a temple, although some of his eating habits would say otherwise! When he was younger he was a fanatical Motor X rider, but having broken pretty much every bone in his body he now prefers to sit back and watch others dice with their health while he eats a burger. Rich loves his football and likes nothing better than visiting his beloved Arsenal with close friends and when not at the Emirates on a Saturday, he can be found in the Bournemouth nightspots performing his best Ricky Martin impression!


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Richard Pile

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