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Dora Oprea also known as Dora the Explorer is the Technical Specialist here at Bloc, originally from Bucharest, Romania. Dora started her career in recruitment in 2013 and ever since 2014 she’s been focusing on technical recruitment. At Bloc she specialised in placing IT professionals across the European e-commerce market.


In her spare time, Dora is quite the Sci-Fi fan, she is passionate about travelling and experiencing new cultures, hiking, rock climbing and any team sports in general. She is also a big believer and practitioner of the Danish hygge concept.



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Dora Oprea

10 reasons why techies choose Berlin

Germany had and continues to have ambitious plans for their digital growth. Their Digital Strategy…

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Dora Oprea

Why crying at movies makes me better at my job

Recently, I read an article that claimed people who cry during movies aren’t weak, they’re emotional…

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Dora Oprea

Good things come in small packages

Berlin has been the heart of the European start-up scene for quite a while and this year I’ve had th…

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Dora Oprea

5 Things You Should Consider Before Moving Abroad

If working abroad was that easy everyone would do it, right? I am not joking when I say you need to …

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20170530_5 things you need to know_Dora BW
Dora Oprea

Mobile Development Trends

We all know that smartphones are an inseparable part of our lives. From the moment we wake up to a m…

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20170208_Dora_Mobile Trends
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