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Alex started his Career in recruitment in 2014 and he has loved every moment in the Recruitment industry. Alex has an extensive background in Marketing and previously was an Account Manager for a large IT marketing agency, where he had the opportunity to work with some of the largest and most exciting brands in the industry.

Alex enjoys all things food and drink and enjoys going out for dinner trying new restaurants and country pubs. Not just a fan of trying food Alex can often be found experimenting in the kitchen trying to create new dishes and generally attempting to show off. He is also a big lover of technology and gadgets, which started at a young age when his father gave him a box of computer parts from which he built his first computer. This fascination in technology and how it works is still with Alex and he enjoys reading up on the latest techs, trends and innovations, but most of all trying out the latest technologies and in the case of drones breaking them!


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Alex Tykocki

What 3 Peaks taught me about recruitment (work and real life)?

On July 29th 2017, I successfully completed the “3 Peaks Challenge” for Naomi’s House and Jacksplace…

3 peaks
Alex Tykocki

Recruiters are……..

If you type “Recruiters are..” into Google, you will most likely find the following result     …

Digital Marketing
Alex Tykocki

5 Things to Do Before an Interview

As a recruiter I often find one of the most overlooked areas where a candidate can improve their cha…

Digital Marketing Careers
Alex Tykocki

Honesty, is it the best policy?

Well yes….I agree that it is. I have always felt that being honest is the way forward, personally an…

Digital Marketing Bloc Careers
20160716 Honesty BW
Alex Tykocki

What’s the weirdest thing someone has done at interview?

Being a recruiter, I am often asked what is the worst, weirdest thing someone has done in an inter…

Digital Marketing Bloc Careers
20160601 Weirdest Interview B.W.jpg