We all know how important it is to find the right position for you, but when it comes to job hunting, especially in the tech market where there is so much to consider (the technologies, the learning curve, the environment, the team, the list is endless), it’s not easy.

Then there’s the added pressure of competition, with an abundance of candidates who want the job just as much as you do. And if you want to work in Germany, the hub of the tech market where thousands of professionals want to go, it’s even harder to stand out. So, how do you make sure that you are one who ultimately gets the job offer?

Employers want core JavaScript

As a specialist Tech Recruiter here at BLOC, I speak to clients and candidates within the German market, day in, day out, and there are a couple of key requirements that keep cropping up which I wanted to share with you…Javascript

Firstly, pretty much all of my clients in Germany are using one of the latest, cool, fancy frameworks to design flavourful interfaces. However, they are not looking for frontend or full-stack professionals with experience of newer frameworks such as React, Vue and similar, they are more interested in candidates who can code in core JavaScript.

Why? Because JavaScript is a solid core language and is a great building block for other programming languages. Quite often, problems with the newer frameworks can only be solved using core JavaScript, so it really is advantageous to have experience of this. JavaScript runs everywhere, and (almost) everything worldwide, and as a result, JavaScript developers are in high demand.

As we know, frameworks come and go. They constantly change, new frameworks are released and companies want to invest in them, so the more you know about JavaScript, the better! You will be able to work around the limitations and changes of frameworks, making you attractive to companies, everywhere.

Experience of design patterns is sehr gut!

Secondly, design patterns. Something really important to almost every client I work with in Germany is the use of design patterns. Why? Using design patterns within the workplace can save significant time when fixing problems and make the business more efficient. As a result, companies are attracted to candidates with experience of design patterns, as they are viewed as valuable problem-solvers.

If you are new to JavaScript, or haven’t had the chance to use design patterns in your working career, or perhaps considering relocating to work in Germany, then I strongly recommend you revisit the text books and start to learn the main patterns such as Singleton, Observer, Factory, Module etc.  It will help springboard your career and open up more job opportunities in the tech industry.

The technical recruitment market in Germany is extremely competitive. If you are seriously considering relocation, or you are already in Germany and keep being ‘pipped to the post’ by another candidate due to shortfalls in your skillset, then hopefully this blog has been helpful in giving you tips on how to get prepared and upskill your way to your dream job.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out about the latest roles we have, or exciting clients we are working with, we will help you find your perfect job! Anna-Marie.Brooke@hellobloc.com