Recently, a candidate who had completed a 3 stage interview process, accepted an offer, signed and returned the contract and was awaiting her visa to be changed from her existing company, dropped off the radar leading up to the start date. No communication from a candidate for a week or two during their notice period isn’t unusual due to many having 3 month notice periods, having to wait for visa’s to be processed or even having to return to their home country to complete both of these.

The company had no concerns due to the contract being signed. During the lead up to the start date there were attempts to make contact but they were happy to wait for her arrival on day one…

Guess what happened on day one? Yep that’s right, no show. Experience teaches you how things can change after an offer has been accepted. Candidates have dropped out for numerous reasons which you cannot control including, but not limited to:

  • counter offer from existing company (relatively common but if the motivations are aligned it doesn’t change anything)
  • other offers
  • family members (partners, mums…)
  • terrorism (yep its happened)

Just to name a few, however not showing up with no contact is new to me.

The knock on effect is lost time, money and project delays. The company is now a team member down and having to start a new recruitment process which will likely take 4-5 months with the multi-stage interviews, 3 month notice period and visa approval if required.

Now, put yourself in the candidate or clients shoes and comment below how you would have approached this...