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Whatever industry you’re in, candidates are in the driving seat when job hunting as talent becomes harder to source and secure.

This has been the case within my own niche (Digital Marketing) for a good few years now and with uncertainty over factors like Brexit, will only get tougher for companies who are looking to grow headcount in this area of their business.

With limited options of suitable fresh talent, some hiring managers are reverting to ex-employees to fill the gap. This has long been a standard practice within the contract market, but rare to see for permanent hires.

Of course, this type of hire is very much on an individual basis, determined around factors such as how they left the business, what skills they’ve developed whilst being away, and the type of role they are now coming back to.

An area that managers will need to also consider is how re-employment is viewed and taken on by the wider team, as it’s one thing to hire on skills, however culture fit for any team is vitality important.

Each business is of course very different, however I decided to reach out to my wider network to find out what the view is in the market from business owners and those in HR. Here’s what they said;

“We don't have an issue with re-employing employees, as long as they left on good terms and built strong relationships with the people here. We often get techies back as contractors who were employed by us before. Some of our other departments have employees who came back as many as 3 times, as long as they have performed well.”

“We wouldn’t re-employ old employees. It feels like going backwards not forwards, however tempting”

“I think we would hire an ex-employee if the circumstances were right...although in 3 years here we are yet to do it.”

Mixed reactions here. Ultimately as talent becomes even harder to source, companies will need to be creative and look at different avenues to hire from.

If it works out then it can be viewed as a master stroke, however if things go pear shaped, who’s accountable?!

To re-hire. What would you do?