Looking at the attached image I’d forgive you thinking this blog was about Aston Villa, or football in general, sadly it’s not. Although I love the beautiful game, I’m no Villa fan, however something about their badge has always caught my eye. The word PREPARED at the very bottom. Some may argue they haven’t stuck to their slogan for the last few years given where they are, but this isn’t about that right now.

When companies are hiring Digital Marketing talent in today’s market, they have to be prepared BEFORE they even begin with a search / hiring process.

We’ve all heard people bang the ‘war for talent’ drum and yes, it’s absolutely true there aren’t enough great Digital Marketers available for all the established brands, tech start-ups, and agencies who cry out for them daily.

What astounds me though is when I speak to brands who have been looking for this type of talent for perhaps 1-2 months and are still searching. It’s hard to sometimes understand why they’re still looking. They have a great brand name, good glassdoor rating, market rate salary/benefits, and offer excellent career prospects, so why are they finding it so tough.

It’s when you start working the role you quickly realise. Slow, slow, slow. The process of reviewing a CV, getting back with a decision, and then booking in an interview can take 1-2 weeks! That in itself is craziness…I’ve seen (and placed myself) many excellent candidates who come on, go through a process, and offered/accepted within 5-10 business days!

Whatever shape or size of business you are, you must be prepared from the beginning. This means if a star candidate comes into the process you have the ability to move quickly. This shows the candidate you are an agile business, and in this day and age, who wants to be working with a brand that makes them jump through multiple hoops and faced with large red tape at every corner.  

Long are the days where you’ll have people queuing out the door for your role (although I don’t think this was ever the case when it comes to Digital marketing roles), and you have the luxury of taking your time. You need to not only move fast, but have a bloody good reason as to why such an in-demand candidate should move to YOUR business. If you think they’ll need to come to you with why they want it so bad, think again. It’s a 2 way street, and if anything the candidate has the upper hand, therefore you’ll need to do more of the selling than them.

Are you about to embark on a search for Digital Marketing talent? If so, make sure you’re like Villa’s slogan…..PREPARED.