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As we approach the new financial year, as a group we are discussing our standing point with our chosen charity; Naomi House & Jacksplace and looking at ways we can help through donations and volunteering.

The majority of people reading this will admit they want to help charities by volunteering but will go the year without doing so, why? Because it’s a commitment that invades into your personal life?

Volunteering doesn’t only benefit those that you are helping, but it can be of a benefit to you;

-     Develop new skills to assist in a job now or in the future – maybe in an organisation, research, marketing, graphics, promotions, advertising, etc.

-     Expand your personal and professional networks – after all, who is going to stick their nose up at a reference from a volunteering supervisor?

-     Opportunity for career exploration – volunteering allows you to try different roles in different environments without job hopping. It can expose you to the work of an organisation without being an employee.

-     Hiring Managers value volunteerism – having volunteering on your CV can help you stand out. s Volunteering shows compassion and commitment – two soft skills that cannot necessarily be seen during an interview.

So, the next time you think about volunteering – DO IT!

1 day a month at the local animal shelter, 1 day a year at the local charity shop, give where and what you can.

Be a hero!!

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Dawn Sherring, Embrace Team Member. Bloc Digital Talent.