You may be under the impression that when it comes to securing a new job, your technical abilities are the be-all and end-all of the selection process. Surely when it comes to solving problems or infusing your business with creative ideas, hard skills and proven ability must be more important than having a good personality, right?

Not necessarily, it may be a surprise to learn that in my 5 years hiring IT professionals the most prominent request I receive when I’m asked to headhunt is personality and cultural fit.  There is a growing desire for talent with a unique combination of skill and flexibility and personal attributes such as being proactive, resilient and adaptable, all feature high on my client’s wish list.  These traits, whilst difficult to access during an interview process all boil down to a personality that is essential for a business to operate in an ever changing digital landscape and unlike technical skills, cannot always be taught.

This is great news for those people who have the golden combination of skills and personality, on the other hand should you want to improve your soft skills you can often enhance your work performance by building stronger relationships, developing communication skills and demonstrating initiative.

Given that soft skills are high on the 20160303 Personality The Key To Success Colouragenda during the recruitment process when applying for new opportunities I would recommend outlining these competencies when you detail your job summary.  This demonstrates both your technical skills and personal attributes giving you the best opportunity to be selected for an interview and display these traits in person.

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