One of the toughest (and most exciting) parts about working in Tech is that it’s ever changing. Snooze for a couple of days over the holiday season and you’ll miss the top tech issues and trends affecting the industry as a whole.  So with the beginning of a new year it only seems appropriate to review the hottest Tech trends anticipated for 2016: as identified by Gartner and various other sources…

Wearables – Wearables are now featured in everything from high-tech fashion to smart jewellery. These products can manage your payments, track your mood, activity and even your pets. Whilst the Apple Watch was met with much fanfare when it was released in 2015 the hype has not yet translated. However, it’s widely anticipated that Apple will solve the issues surrounding their watch, and the improvements in Bluetooth and Cloud Computing mean that wearables are set to be the fastest ever growing segment of the Tech industry.

VR - Virtual Reality is a topic we’ve been hearing about for a few years, but it appears that 2016 will be the year these products will first be launched to the general public by the likes of Oculus and Sony with their innovative, expensive gaming consoles. Whilst Virtual Reality may only affect the gaming market, in 2016 you can expect further developments and VR to quickly expand in other forms.

FinTech - Digital payment services like Apple and Android Pay, as well as Bitcoin and the Blockchain, will continue to advance as consumers become more educated and retailers make the necessary investments to accept such services as mainstream payment methods.

Security Advancements - With all the latest fads and trends mentioned, the greatest single problem that every company and virtually every individual in the cyber world face is security. With companies such as Staples and Sony being hit by Cyber attacks, and the number of attacks rising every year, you can certainly expect security advancements and capability to be high on the agenda in 2016.


Machine Learning – Finally, as the scope of the internet grows to over 6 billion connections, technology needs to be smarter, more efficient and data driven so that analysis can be made in real time and predictions for future needs can be met. Machine Learning will allow companies to review patterns and foresee what will happen in the future based on real time analysis of their data. As the possibilities of machine learning are endless it is expected that this will have a huge impact on Sales, Marketing, HR, and FinTech.

There are many exciting, innovative trends emerging in 2016. Personally I am excited to see what this year has to offer and I’d love to hear your opinions as I’m sure they will differ!