January 2014

Mike Gawthorne

Building Bloc

Well, almost halfway through week two of Bloc and we’re loving the new office branding and website…

Bloc Team Tile
Alex Tykocki

What would our ancestors think of the Always-On age?

I’ve been in digital recruitment for over six years and at the risk of revealing my relatively tende…

Technology Gadgets
Always On
Mike Gawthorne

Why technology isn’t always the answer

Booking a holiday, buying a gift and taking a training course online now take a lot less time than t…

Technology Bloc
Tech Destroy
Mike Gawthorne

Hello Bloc! An exciting new digital talent brand

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Bloc, an exciting new digital talent consultancy, which spec…

Bloc Careers
Bloc Sign
Mark Channon

What next for mobile device tech?

Larger, lighter, curved or ‘air’ - speculation is rife about how the iPhone 6 might look. But what a…

Mobile Technology
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