Searching for a new job can feel interminable and is a process packed full of highs and lows. Maintaining the ‘job search mindset’ throughout is the key to landing that perfect role. But how do you keep your head in the game when you’ve suffered a rejection and spent hours sending out yet more CVs to no avail?

What is the job search mindset?

Keeping focused, motivated and positive throughout your job search is the frame of mind you need to keep you going. Staying positive is essential, as it will reflect in your communication with potential employers. The job search mindset could be summed up as thinking positive, staying focused and remaining dedicated to the job hunt. 

Keeping this positive attitude throughout can be a challenge – it can feel like a lot of pressure to find a new job, particularly when you are currently unemployed or unhappy in your current company. Let’s face it, rejections are tough too and it can be hard to not take it personally. 

It’s important to not allow yourself to be drawn into negative thinking or reactions. When/if you find yourself thinking: “Oh great, I didn’t get that one, I must be useless,” turn it around and say: “That role must not have been the right one for me,” or “What can I change or do better next time?” - positivity breeds positivity (it’s true)! 

Getting feedback after an interview can also be valuable – speak to your consultant to discover whether there was anything you could have done differently. Getting a little pep talk from someone who is, after all, rooting for you will help you stay positive.

Recognise your value

Keep in mind your own value! You ARE good at what you do, and you DO know your stuff. If you ever find yourself riddled with self doubt during the job search process, take a moment to write down a list of what you know you are good at and what value you can bring to a role. You may be surprised by how many points you come up with. It doesn’t hurt to stick little post-it notes with affirmations around your desk, kitchen or bed, either. 

Another way to help you feel valued is to request LinkedIn recommendations from friends and colleagues. This may feel like a vanity project but validation from others can provide a real pick-me up. You may even be given some good suggestions of personal traits you didn’t know you had, that you can take into future interviews. Plus recommendations look great on your LinkedIn profile to potential recruiters and digital talent employers!

Don’t set unrealistic goals

Setting yourself deadlines can feel productive and spur you on, but make sure they are realistic and are tied to your own efforts rather than results that are out of your control. Unrealistic goals are bound to leave you disappointed and unmotivated. Saying to yourself: “I will have a new job by the end of this month” is setting yourself up for failure. Instead smaller goals that you have control over will help keep you motivated – for example, you could instead have a goal to apply for five roles each week or to contact three potential employers. 

These are manageable and you will feel more accomplished when you can tick them off. It will help you stay on track with your job hunt and keep that job search mindset intact, as it’s essential that you put in the time and dedication if you really want to move forward in your digital career. 

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